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Quarterly Pulse Survey

Dale Carnegie Training North Central US presents its latest Quarterly Pulse Survey. Conducted by a team of assessment experts, the survey polls 23,000 business leaders to uncover trends related to the people and culture side of their organization.

  • New Trend: People believe that they are less ready than they were a year ago to adapt to the pace and amount of change they’re experiencing. 
  • We’ve seen a 14% year-over-year decrease in the number of people feeling high or very high readiness to change.
  • We’ve seen an 8% increase in the past quarter in the amount of support organizations are providing to people to help them adapt to change.
  • Continued Trend: the topics of “employee engagement” and “change management” are exponentially more popular than other expressions when asked, “What organizational-related topics are most important to you right now?”

Unlock Insight: You're invited to a complimentary DREAM Goals setting meeting. We'll share our latest quarterly report and offer guidance developing common goals to engage your team in 2015!